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  • Shona has always been someone who has inspired me, even before I started business coaching with her. She showed me you can be a mum and a total BOSS lady and slay the day. She has since helped me turn my virtual assistant business into a reality. She was with me every step of the way and I loved her honesty, firmness and guidance. Helping me find my niche and revealing layers of myself that will help me stay accountable and true to myself. I would highly recommend shona to anyone needing guidance in life or in business. Thank you
    Jazmin Jazmin www.theadelaideassistant.com
  • Human as fuck was life changing. Literally. 

    I am a mum and I had put my health to the back of my mind, it wasn't a top priority to make time for a drs appointment to follow up on some breast changes after I weaned my twins.

    HAF forced me to put 'me' on top of the list and to cut a long story short I had a lump, had a stack of tests for breast cancer and THANK GOODNESS it was benign. This awakening has pushed me to re-evaluate who I am as a mum and where I am going now realising how short life is and how limited our time is to make a difference.

    Thank you so much Shona, tour course was literally life changing and has really made me realise we only get one shot at this life and to make the most of 

    Ashlea Ashlea New Home Design School
  • Give any F’s about anything? Give no F’s? Run outta F’s? Give too many F’s? Have a pulse but are wandering through life feeling lost or overwhelmed by impossible standards of society? Too tired to give a damn? Just need an excuse to even have 5 extra bloody minutes to yourself once a day or heaven forbid 60 minutes once a week? Well babe, it’s time to actually get real with yourself about all of it! What do YOU actually want in this life?!
    Shona will break you open and help you explore all of this. It’s gonna get real, and let’s be honest, it’s gonna be emotional at times; real growth wouldn’t and won’t happen without it. Shona’s guidance through it all will make you laugh when it’s needed- hey, shit can get a bit deep at times- all while being the supportive hand you didn’t realize you’re craving. She’s like that hip, cursing fairy godmother Cinderella wishes she had. 15/10 for this course; everyone needs this in their life, I know I did. At the end of the day, the thing we all need to ask ourselves is “what is your ultimate happiness worth to you?” Is it worth staying where you’re at mentally, physically or emotionally or is it worth taking the leap for better with Shona? You’ll only ever be the one to decide- I can’t be the one to force you- because at the end of the day it’s your life your living. Let me tell you though, you’re worth it.
    Kelly Kelly Arbonne Representative
  • “It’s not everyday that you meet someone who just knows all things you need to hear, who understands what your trying say when you don’t even know how to explain it yourself or put it into words. Shona is that person to me. Her guidance through some of my toughest life choices has always picked me up & reminded me to be true to who I am. Having someone like this incredible person so inspiring & positive be there for me when I didn’t know how to cope has seen me through some of my darkest day. Shona hasn’t once ever given up on me, & I look up to her more than she knows. In my 2 years of knowing her I can truly say she has made me a better person, & im forever grateful for her mentoring me”
    Caitlin Caitlin Herbalife Nutrition
  • Though this life, sometimes we rise & sometimes we fall. Shona @Sexyselfish. Has coached me through the up’s & mentored me through the downs. Being in this industry and trying to make it as the ultimate ‘girl boss’ can be challenging but Shona has authentically guided me into a more vibrant and positive version of myself. “I adore you Shona and the magic that happens when I am around you.” Through partaking in the HUMAN AF  it has allowed me to connect with myself & find my inner peace. It has been life changing.
    Laura-Jane Laura-Jane Travel and Lifestyle Blogger
  • Shona is such a beautiful, spirited person who doesn’t preach but learns alongside you as she guides you towards confidence, growth, development and so much more! Participating in this 6weeks course is something that will stay with me for a lifetime. The subjects are designed to help you know yourself on such a deep level and help you become so raw and unafraid of your inner thoughts. My life has increased in happiness and I’ve gone from to strength. What have you got to lose from being the very best you can be!? You won’t regret it
    Krystal-lee Krystal-lee Herbalife Nutrition
  • Shona has for many years been someone that inspired me. Someone who genuinely GLOWED! Someone who took an interest in ME and sent me little bits of inspo from time to time. So when she announced her book HumanAF I was stoked! Just what I needed! Adjusting to 2 kids, a move and a life transition had left me in a place I was feeling pretty empty. Nothing left for me! The book was the start! Then came the course! I knew I NEEDED to invest in me. For me. For my kids. For my husband. For our future. The course HumanAF woke me up to the fact that I was plodding along with life sticking with things I didn't love anymore simply coz I was stuck being defined by everyone else's expectations and labels. Shona helped me lift those labels, get really honest about what I need and acknowledge how important it is to look after ME too. Shona awoke a spark inside me that had been suffocating for a long time. She reminded me what ta like to feel INSPIRED, to have PASSION and a reason to FOCUS. Working 1 on 1 with Shona is a blessing. She keeps me on track even when I feel like I'm flailing! She reminds me it's ok to be HumanAF - but it's also important to dig in a build something that really makes my soul sing.
    Sarah Wooden Sarah Wooden Meco Blue - Tiny Living Consultants
  • It’s nice to speak to someone who can relate to what you are going through or just feeling. Shona helped me realise that there is a bigger picture than what crappy things are happening right now! They won’t always be there and there is always a bright future if you are willing to work for it.. Shona helped me remember my WHY and helped me see my future and what I can achieve if I stick to my path and keep my WHY in mind every single day.. Shona is so easy to talk to and open up to, there is no judgment and she is honest about it all. There were things I needed to hear while speaking to her about what I am doing and she asks questions to make me realise I don’t need to be doing rediculous only shopping for things I don’t need.. Shona you truly opened my eyes and I am so thankful for our chat and I am super excited to keep on my path and focus on my goals! Xx Sometimes we don’t like the things in life that are happening around us, but we need to remember it doesn’t always have to affect us!
    Amber Amber Herbalife Nutrition
  • Human as fuck is a powerful 6 week course. It opens you up to be raw and honest about who you truly are and where that directs you is up to you. There are tasks to complete each week that dive deep into different areas of your life that I enjoyed! reading is one thing putting it in action and answering the questions is where the real magic happens. You will have many realisations and AHHA moments. Shona is very open she says what she thinks and she shares her personal views and lessons over her own self development journey I feel her unique authenticity in this mastermind course really makes it a comfortable place to let your self have a wine and journal things out.  I no longer hold guilt I have complete freedom when comes to how and what I do with my life and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  so if you are feeling lost, disconnected, have had a major life change or just love self development this course will help you, it will strip away the bullshit and uncover the truth I am so grateful for Shona and this beautiful creation human as fuck I know she is going to help thousands of women discover their badass selves and stand in their truth as she’s helped me xx
    Jessica Jessica Online Influencer

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