"you're the most relatable webinar presenter I've ever been part of"​​​ 
- Breanna

" It was eye opening. identifying my money story and the raw truth about where i got it from was my biggest take away "
- D​anielle

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Hey mumma with kids hanging of you and a secret desire for more!

Time to   join me in this training to change  your money mindset and totally transform the way you earn, spend, save and attract money into you life !

Go on mumma, give yourself a kick in the right direction x



Shona  is a mum of two, a multi passionate BOSSBABE,  Wine lover a total potty mouth and known for being Human AF

As a Coach and BOSSBABE success strategist,  she can help guide you into discovering a reality that is wilder than your wildest dreams. like seriously wild. Her passion is  helping mums  who want MORE to figure out just what that MORE is.

Her mission is to help women stand in their truth, rediscover their inner badass, their Human-ness and  achieve their dreams without guilt, judgment or expectations.

So, if your after  focus, direction and a laugh over a glass of red  Shonas your chick

"It's time to transform your Finances and get More Money for Mummy"

Shona has always been someone who has inspired me, even before I started business coaching with her. She showed me you can be a mum and a total BOSS lady and slay the day. She has since helped me turn my virtual assistant business into a reality. She was with me every step of the way and I loved her honesty, firmness and guidance. Helping me find my niche and revealing layers of myself that will help me stay accountable and true to myself. I would highly recommend shona to anyone needing guidance in life or in business. Thank you

Jazmin Johnston Kenyon Jazmin Johnston Kenyon
Personal Assistant